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We helped SOS Children’s Villages redefine the purpose of its international annual report. Initially a standard information packet, we transformed it into a fully-fledged publication with a brand-aligned editorial strategy and modern layout.

We continue to design the report on an annual basis and are proud to say our designs are often used as a template for the national annual reports produced throughout SOS’ 130+ countries of operation.


As we reimagined the publication, we saw the potential to create a flagship beacon of the SOS Children’s Villages brand ethos. This would appeal not only to external readers, but also to the organization’s 130+ independent national member associations. Our first step was to divide the report into four distinct content sections, each with its own editorial theme, color code and layout.

The blue ‘About SOS’ section introduces the organization and briefly explains its history, reach and global impact. It also conveys the brand’s annual key messages, so that national offices can reference and adapt them to their local context.

The orange ‘Our Programmes’ section explains the many styles of intervention the organisation delivers around the world. In line with our evidence-based content strategy, dedicated call out boxes highlight heartwarming case studies from the field on every spread.

The pink ‘The Movement’ section celebrates the people who make SOS’ work possible. A series of vignettes showcases the personal stories of donors, partners, participants and staff. This new focus on individuals signals a thoughtful a cultural shift within the organization as an extension of the brand redesign process led by our agency.

The green ‘By the Numbers’ section presents the organization’s annual financial and programmatic statistics in an appealing minimalistic style that can easily be repurposed for use in digital formats.


SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest non-governmental organization focused on supporting children and young people without parental care, or at risk of losing it. With locations in over 130 countries, this organization fundraises €1Bn annually through private donations and governmental subsidies.


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