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Defining the brief​

Our clients come to us at all stages of the creative process. Some have a vague idea of where they want to go, so we help them focus their direction. Others already have a clear brief in mind and might even be halfway through a project before they involve us.

No matter the case, our process starts with robust dialogue and a project plan. Together we define the scope of our involvement and set the terms for engagement.



We commit several hours to research and analysis to ensure we are up to speed on your competitors, your audiences and your objectives. Depending on the nature of the project, this may include anything from workshops and interviews with stakeholders, to internet sleuthing, market research, or customer focus groups.

Working closely with you, we define our strategy and set KPIs for the end-user or intended audience.



We approach creation collaboratively, often including our client’s own teams in the design process.

We establish frequent feedback checkpoints, to field your thoughts on design directions and learn your preferences through more iterative, hands-on means. This allows us to ensure that all parties are aligned before committing valuable project time to full development, thus protecting your budget.



When design is finalized, we remain engaged throughout the launch to ensure everything goes smoothly. In addition, we often manage printing, manufacturing and development.

From Defining the Brief, through Strategy, Creation and Launch, our team will not rest until we achieve the highest standard of quality.








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