Paris, France


We designed a color-coded glass wayfinding and donor recognition signage system for the urban campus of the American University of Paris.

This included design of all signage templates, provision of installation manuals, and management of both the manufacturing and installation process.


Inspired by the clash of modern and antique design styles in the University’s main building (also by Leland) we developed this custom signage system, to bring an airy feeling and splash of color to the rest of the campus.


With our final design approved by the University’s directors, we developed manufacturing specifications and hired local French production company Expograph to bring the designs to life.


We then developed a full set of MS Word templates, so that any staff member at the University could change their own office sign with ease.

Finally, we organized a full set of installation guidelines and managed the initial installation process to ensure the system was well adapted to the University’s needs.


A private liberal arts university renowned as an international center for cross-cultural, interdisciplinary education, the American University of Paris offers experience-based undergraduate and graduate level studies to 1,200 students from over 100 nationalities. AUP’s drive is to shape global citizens to take their places as responsible actors in communities, civil societies, and countries around the world, all from the heart of Paris.


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