Paris, France


We produced the content strategy and recruitment materials for newly-accepted students at the American University of Paris.

Most students have offers from multiple universities, so this admissions package has an important marketing role: to secure the student’s attendance at AUP. The brief requested a standout piece that would differentiate AUP from competitors, convey the school’s unique personality, and increase yield percentages.


We wanted to embody the ‘limitless potential for discovery’ of studying in Paris. The design mirrors this experience with novel folds that unlock to reveal envelopes containing hidden surprises – much like the experience of discovering new corners of Paris. To complete the effect, the envelopes peel away to reveal a hand drawn map of the AUP campus and its surrounding landmarks.


As a secondary objective, we wanted to communicate to students and their parents – who are naturally anxious about the move abroad – that they are in safe, experienced hands. The meticulous layout of the package illustrates the University’s well-structured approach.


We wanted to include a gift that would create excitement around the prospect of international travel. We decided on an inflatable neck pillow because it carries a subtle message about comfort in your new home away from home.


In order to give students an immersive sense of Paris, we created a hand-illustrated map of the University’s urban campus that we hid behind envelopes held in place with peel-away glue. Every time an envelope is removed, a new corner of Paris is revealed.


A private liberal arts university renowned as an international center for cross-cultural, interdisciplinary education, the American University of Paris offers experience-based undergraduate and graduate level studies to 1,200 students from over 100 nationalities. AUP’s drive is to shape global citizens to take their places as responsible actors in communities, civil societies, and countries around the world, all from the heart of Paris.


Concept Development

Content Strategy 

Hand-Illustrated Map

Folder Design

Brochure Design

Gift Selection & Design

Letterhead Design

Production Management


Brand Visual Identity


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